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What should I expect from the social eval?

Come at the registered time slot for a social eval with a couple of our team members. We want to make sure that all dogs who come to play here are friendly to both humans and other dogs!

Make sure that your dog has had breakfast as normal and plenty of potty time before arriving. We do have a potty porch that will be open and available for use, but your dog might have some stage fright about going in an unfamiliar place.

Leave toys and food at home. This includes ALL food, canine and human. There is no telling what reaction a dog may have to food being introduced. Some foods could cause sickness if a dog is allergic or has a reaction to it which is why food is not allowed in at the park.

Wear a leash on a flat collar to visit. No prong, choke, or martingale collars.

During your visit, the Dogs of Tucson team will ask you to keep your leash handy and will give instructions when it is time to unleash. The first part of the eval will be to see how your dog does with humans. Since we have humans in our park we need to make sure that all dogs are comfortable with being touched and petted.

This part of the eval will look at different stimuli such as noise or unfamiliar textures when walking. These are things that the AKC temperament test covers (social, auditory, visual, and tactile).

This will let us know about your dogs comfortability in a space that is new to them as we know that some dogs have only visited veterinarians offices and groomers we know that sometimes it can take a dog a minute to get comfortable.

After the initial social eval, we will do some dog introductions. This will help your dog meet some of the familiar dogs that are frequently in our park. We believe that good introductions to the dogs in the pack is key to a dog being comfortable and wanting to play with the other dogs visiting the park.

Dogs who are not immediately comfortable will be referred to our readiness program. Readiness is tailored to each dog who may need extra help to feel comfortable here, and we can discuss these options if they seem necessary at the time of the evaluation. Some dogs just require an extra visit or two before wanting to join in on the play, others can take slightly longer, but our team believes in never pushing a dog past their comfort level and following the Free Fear training guidelines.

How does a private dog park work?

The private dog park is a membership-based concept. We will have a team of Rufferees that help watch for ruff play and you can expect comfortable chairs and tables throughout, without sacrificing the dog play areas. Members are welcome in our facility during all open hours. However, in the case of private events, member access may be limited to certain areas of the park.

What do I get with my membership?

As a member, you get unlimited and prioritized access to the park and events. This includes an incredible dog community and many happy pups!

Can I drop off my dog?

The Bark Park is for dogs and their humans to enjoy together, meaning you must be inside the park with your dog at all times. However, we do also offer Doggie Daycare, so if your dog is signed up for a daycare session then, YES!

How many dogs can I bring?

The memberships at Dogs of Tucson are for the dogs. You can get a membership for one, two, or three dogs in the same family. If you have more than three dogs per household, please contact us! This can be approved on a case-by-case basis. humans are only able to bring 2 dogs to the park at any one time.

Do you accept cash?

No, we are a cashless business! We use a lot of technology within our facility, so to create an efficient, simple, and easy experience, we only accept credit cards.

Do you have drinks available?

Fresh water will be made available to all members and humans enjoying The Bark Park.

Can my partner use my membership?

Sure can! Your partner will just need to be listed on the account and have a signed waiver on file.

Are you open rain or shine?

Unlike most traditional outdoor dog parks, our facility stays clean, safe, and fun despite weather conditions.​ Special circumstances are on a case-by-case basis and you should be notified by email and social media if any closure takes place.

Do you have breed restrictions?

All well-socialized, altered, and vaccinated dogs over 6 months of age are welcome with a social test.

Are children allowed?

Currently, children under 16 years are not permitted in the park. However, we do host special family events where children are allowed, so check our calendar.

Do dogs have to be spayed or neutered to visit the park?

Yes – for the safety of our members, all dog 8 months and older must be spayed or neutered. Dogs who are not “fixed” will probably not do well in a setting where there are other dogs. This is simply because they smell very different than those dogs who are neutered or spayed, so they will become the center of attention in a pack setting. Those dogs may feel picked on or receive far too much attention for their comfort level. This can result in a dog fight.

My dog is not fixed, but is really well behaved, can they still come?

Sorry, but no. Intact males and un-spayed females smell different. Other dogs will often single them out and treat them poorly by picking on them or not allowing them to interact with the group. Remember, puppies can attend puppy events up until they’re eight months old and ready for spaying or neutering.

Do neutering alternatives count?

Sorry, but no. In-tact males and un-spayed females smell different. Particularly in males, neutering alternatives such as sterilizations (zeuterin) and vasectomies don’t stop the production of testosterone, which is the main driver behind issues with in-tact males in the park.

Can my dog walker bring my dogs?

Provided they are added to your account as a contact and have a signed waiver, we will allow your dog walker into the park with the member dogs from your account.

Can I work from the park?

This is a big one as we realize this is important for most members.

Want to catch up on emails? Get a great morning start? Wrap the work day here? Sure! With that said: this space is a community for dog lovers. Most importantly, a safe environment for dogs. To ensure this, we ask our human guests to always be aware and attentive of your dog(s). Our quiet room is where we will ask all members who are ‘working’ to visit with their dogs and while in the quiet room we ask that you keep your dog on-leash.

As a courtesy to all members, please limit your work time here to no more than 60 minutes at a time. We are not a substitute for your home office. Conference calls are permitted, but should be kept brief. Less Zoom, more Zoomies!

Do you have Wi-Fi?

We provide free, password-protected wifi inside the park. Whether you want to get some light work done or post on social media, we support your need to stay connected! ​Ask a Member Concierge for the password.

Is there parking?

We have plenty of parking available for all members and their guests.

How much are memberships?

The basic membership for one dog is $60 per month. Two additional dogs may be added per household at a discounted rate. Please refer to our membership page for additional information.

How do I join?

Anyone interested in joining must first fill out an application form. Once all information is completed, you will be invited to schedule a social test, where our trained Park Rufferees will assess the temperament of your dog(s) .

What’s the difference between The Bark Park & public dog parks?

Everything! First and foremost, The Bark Park is a private, which allows us to prioritize safety and comfort. Upon applying for a membership, we ensure all the applicants are up-to-date on their health records and pass a social test. Additionally, we keep facilities clean, sanitized, and we cater to our human friends by giving them plenty of comfy seating options.

Is there a small dog section?

We offer areas for more ‘mellow’ personality types and more active personalities. Park Rufferees are trained to ensure harmony among friends of all shapes and sizes.

Is there an age restriction?

Humans must be 16+ to visit to ensure the safety of the dogs and their guests. Dogs must be 4-6 months and fully vaccinated.

Can I visit without a membership?

Guests without dogs are allowed to visit by signing a waiver and paying a fee. Dogs must be members with a passed social eval.

Can I bring my own food or dog treats?

Outside food and dog treats are not permitted in order to ensure the safety of the dogs.

Is smoking allowed inside the park?

Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside or around the premises, as it is proven to be a health risk for our member dogs.

Do I have to have a dog to come?

Absolutely not, you are more than welcome to come without a dog. However, you will be asked to sign a waiver and to pay a fee.

Can I bring my own dog toys?

Outside toys are not permitted in The Bark Park. This rule is in place purely for safety reasons, minimizing ‘possession aggression’.

Am I allowed to take photos + videos inside the park?

Photos and videos are so encouraged! Follow and tag us @dogsoftucsonarizona and #dogsoftucson and your content may be shared on our page! We will also offer professional photography for you and your four-legged friends during special events.

What is your cancellation fee with reservations?

Reservations are only needed for dog daycare, training, readiness, and staycations. To see our updated policy, please visit our policies page

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